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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  July 10, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> tonight oil is flowing freely from the blownout well in the gulf. we got a break from the heat today. what about sunday? is there more rain on the way? the green light for metro to move forward with safety upgrades. this is 9 news now. >> hello, i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us this saturday night. we begin with breaking news on i-270 in montgomery county. all northbound lanes have been shut down on i-270 in gaithersburg following a multiple ti vehicle accident. no reports of injuries. joining us by phone right now,
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laura racowski. >> reporter: from our statewide operation center the highway administration has been monitoring the incident along i- 270. the crash involves three vehicles, two of which were on fire. fire has been extinguished at this time. the left northbound lane along 270 is closed and three primary lanes along southbound i-270 are closed. however, traffic is getting by on the collective distributer lane so there are minimal delays in the area. >> how long tonight before it's all cleared up. >> reporter: from what i understand, maryland state police is on the scene and in the lead. at this point, they're waiting for tow trucks to clear the road of the vehicles involved in the collision. >> laura with the maryland state highway administration. thanks a lot for that report. >> reporter: thank you, bruce. tonight, oil is being allowed to flow freely in the gulf of mexico. workers are in the middle of an operation to switch caps on top of that broken well. the old cap is off.
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in its place will go a tighter dome supposed to funnel more oil to collection ships on the surface. terrell brown reports the latest solution should take two days, if all goes well. >> reporter: the broken oil well at the bottom of the gulf is in free flow. the cap that was holding back some of the oil was removed saturday afternoon to clear the way for a new tighter-fitting seal. b.p. is also working to hookup a third containment ship to the well. the combination of a third ship and the new cap could contain the spill as early as monday. what b.p. so desperately wants and needs. >> we take it personal, because we know we're not familiar with having polluting the gulf of mexico. our goal is to stop the oil and get this over with. >> reporter: on dauphin island, crews race against the relentless oil spreading along the alabama coast. engineers are following a mile gap. hurricane katrina split this
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island in two. state leaders know as long as this gap exists, the mississippi sound and delicate wetlands go unprotected from oil. >> the section you see right now is going to be all one rock mass. >> reporter: john baker is overseeing the operation to fill the breach. sand and rocks will stretch 8,000 feet across the gulf. >> reporter: the nearly $14 million project is on b.p.'s tab but fixing this island back together may not be enough. there are still mile-wide gaps in the barrier islands along mississippi and alabama leading parts of the coast open to invading oil. terrell brown. >> tonight officials estimate another '5million gal ron's of oil will -- gallons of oil will bush out in the next 48 hours. an embarrassing incident in which a man impersonating a metro driver made off with a bus. transit police say friday afternoon, 19-year old william
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jackson made his way into the metro garage located in the northeast. he was wearing a standard-issue metro bus drivers uniform. he drove off with a bus assigned to the b-2 route. he picked up passengers. four miles later the bus crashed into trees and cars. jackson was arrested fleeing the scene. he's been charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle and fleeing an accident. he told transit investigators he simply had a fascination with buses. good news tonight for the transit system. metro won preapprove value for $220 million in safety and reliability upgrades from the federal transit administration. upgrades include safety recommendations following the june 2009 fatal red line crash. the projects include a $34.5 million rehabilitation of the blue, orange and yellow lines. $44.4 million for a track upgrade and another $20 million
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to overhaul rail equipment. escalator and elevator rehabilitation will receive more than $7 million. go to our website,, for the complete break down of the funds and the upgrades. brazen daytime bank robbery in montgomery county and the suspect on the loose tonight. it happened before 9:30 this morning at the wachovia branch in rockville. police say a man entered the bank wearing a motorcycle helmet, black jacket and jeans. he approached a bank employee, displayed a handgun and demanded cash. >> he passed the doors. i didn't think anything of it. then a couple of seconds later i heard a lady and another customer scream, so i looked back. the man had a silver semi automatic pistol drawn at her and pointed it at he. told us to put our hands on the head and get on the ground. >> the suspect was last seen driving towards rockville pike in what may have been a black corvette. a woman has died and
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another suffered life- threatening injuries in a house fire in southeast washington, d.c. this evening. the blaze occurred around 7:30 tonight in the 1600 block of w street. firefighters rescued a total of three people from the two-story residence. it took more than 100 firefighters to bring the blaze under control. several firefighters were evaluated later for possible heat exhaustion. no word on what caused the blealsst yet. rockville water restrictions remain in effect because workers found another leak in the main that bufers on -- that burst on wednesday. the plan had been to lift restrictions today. the new date is noon on sunday. until then the city of rockville says no water for the lawns, car washing and limit the toilet flushing. the city water system serves 13,000 residents. heavy rain and flash floods have overtaken streets and highways in and around boston this weekend. several people had to be rescued from cars as storm drains were clogged. officials are using bumps tonight in -- pumps tonight in some areas to remove the high
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area. >> he came in and jumped in and swam with me. i'm alive because of him. >> the car died. we had to basically get out of the car and luckily, it was low enough that we could get out of the door. >> where's your car? >> it's down, it's gone. forget it. i mean, it was totally sinking. i was hanging on to the roof. >> the water rose so fast we were on one side. it flooded on that side, so we had to go to the other side. >> several train lines were shut down because of the fast- moving storm. former president bill clinton says organizations that promise to send relief aid to haiti are not delivering on those promises. mr. clinton says international donors have given only 10% of the money that had been pledged. he's cochair of the commission overseeing $3.5 billion recongress instruction following the earthquake. brazil, norway and australia have delivered on their promises. the united states paid into the donor fund as well, but mr.
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clinton says this country has only sent $30 million of the $1.5 billion they promised. the rest of the money, he says, is awaiting legislative approval on capitol hill. immigration advocates are protesting the national governor's meeting in boston. hair outrage was aimed at one of the participants, arizona governor james brewer. the rally calls for the end of the new immigration law. >> i think he's done something else and something that you would never imagine he could possibly be doing and that is he has ignited a movement from our side. representatives led by undocumented youth and students who started this rebirth of this movement by sitting in, in senator mccain's office in arizona to fight for the dream act. >> governor brewer said arizona was forced to act because the federal government isn't doing enough to enforce the border. the government challenged to block the enforcement. law was filed in federal court yesterday. still to come on 9 news
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now, the wet weather doesn't dampen garden day at the national zoo. we're going to explain. well, thank goodness for that wet weather. we got some much-needed rain this morning. over an inch at national. other areas getting about a half inch, maybe a quarter inch in other places, too. the cloud cover kept us at 82 for a high. we'll take that. temperatures mild tomorrow morning. maybe fog in some of the places along the potomac, along the bay. talk about more enjoyable temperatures and the return of more humidity and more thunderstorms. our complete forecast in just a few minutes. [ male announcer ] cha-cha-in' to the new cuban pulled pork.
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hundreds of maryland cancer patients said today they fear that the army's fort dietrich medical facility is to blame for their illnesses. amanda truly is at a town hall today where one family's quest to remember their dead daughter that i play have uncovered the potential health hazard. >> i'm 39 years old. i was first diagnosed with a car as a noid -- cars noid -- three weeks ago they found six tumors in my brain. >> reporter: multiple generations say living next to fort dietrich is killing them. >> my name is diane ross and
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i've lost approximately 18 people to cancer. >> i'm 54 years old. i lost my right kidney to cancer. >> i'm peter hathit. i'm 26 years old. at age 21 i had kidney cancer. >> reporter: the army facility works with highly dangerous substances. >> if you do not dispose of them properly, you're going to have downstream effects and those effects that we're seeing, amongst the community, is a variety of cancers. >> reporter: the group suspects that for decades fort dietrich burned tons of toxic chemicals and biohazards and that ash may have contaminated the water sable and the soil within a ten mile radius. the town hall meeting was convened by a company that wants area patients to fill out a survey to determine why there are some cancer cases within such a small geographical area. >> who do you blame? >> i blame fort dietrich and a government that doesn't realize
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there are human beings lives. >> reporter: randy johnson created the foundation to remember his daughter who died of cancer in 2008. and now his wife and other daughter are also battling the disease. in frederick, armando truly. >> organizers say they invited fort dietrich to send a representative but the army's attorney declined. police made an arrest in the murder after former capitol hill intern, joshua hopkins. tonight, 29-year-old taylor of fort washington is charged with first degree murder. the 19-year-old hopkins was with a group of friends last wednesday. witnesses say he was making jokes about taylor. they say taylor got mad, left the scene but returned a short time later with a gun and fatally shot hopkins. police arrested antoine taylor last night in the 4700 block of -- landscaper from silver spring maryland is found dead and tonight police and family
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members are looking for answers. the victim's body was discovered near his apartment building. >> i'm in shock. it's unbelievable. >> reporter: renaldo says his friend, 24-year-old was a hardworking landscaper. >> he always dedicated to work. >> reporter: he says resino's came to the u.s. from honduras with his older siblings. he was found just after 5:00 saturday morning in the 1,000 block of quebec terrace. authorities say a passerby saw the body lying right here outside where he lived and then called police. >> there was evidence of trauma to his upper body. we're classifying this right now as a suspicious death. and we're waiting on the outcome from the autopsy. >> reporter: while detectives are waiting for official word on the cause of death from the medical ander and -- medical examiner and stopping short of calling this a homicide, family and friends are not. >> i don't believe how this
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happened. the way he got killed, it's like somebody really hate him. >> reporter: campos says people who saw the body describe it as a gruesome stabbing. he says he captured video of his cell phone of police removing his friend's body. >> when people saw the body, they say he was hit on the face. on the side of the head. like they put him into the wall. >> do you know anyone who would want to harm your cousin? >> no. >> reporter: while police try to piece together what the victim was doing minutes and hours before his death, his cousin is trying to come to grips with losing his loved one. >> well, somebody give you news like that, you feel like your heart stops. >> reporter: 9 news now. >> tonight, police are still looking for a motive and suspects in this case. area teens are facing the difficult summer job market.
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the teen unemployment rate was 25% in june, more than double the nation's 9.5 overall jobless rate. read the complete story in sunday's washington examiner. still ahead, they took their wedding vows today, but they'll be on different sides of the aisle tomorrow. we'll explain that story. your forecast is next.
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the national zoo held its first ever garden day today. despite wet weather, visitors showed up for today's free event which featured interactive exhibits and activity featured along the zoo's unique collection of gaddens. >> we have to -- gardens. >> we have to take into consideration what effects it would have on the animals, make sure it doesn't have poisonous properties and it's safe for the animals to be around. >> that was park manager frank clements. he said zoo employees work to find plants native to the animal's national has been what at that time. we needed the rain.
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will we get more? >> we are. we had drought measures coming back in. >> look at the front lawn. >> you see brown patches. we are at least close to drought conditions. officially had drought conditions. at least good news, more chances of storms. you'll see it in the three day forecast coming back in essence tuesday. a humid monday. maybe an isolated storm chance. the storm chances don't stop there, bruce. we get more coming back later in the week. 90 tomorrow, warmer, but it's dry 90. the relative humidity not coming back until monday. dry, fog possibly developing more along the potomac, low- lying areas. that's going to be more east. places could see morning going on sunday. temperatures pushing into the 70s. the heat starts to come back around the afternoon. not quite bad heat though. upper 80s, near the 90-degree mark. that's where we'll be downtown.
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humidity levels really stayed at bay. a wind forecast is important to switch from the mort to the south. that's really when the humidity kicks back in. here's the morning rain. steadier rain anywhere from a quarter to half an inch. pockets of heavier showers come through and national reported 1.17 inches of rain. current temperatures, we stand around the 70s. gaithersburg will break into the 80s before too long. 60 degrees tomorrow morning and the rest of us around 70 degree mark if not the upper 60s. northwest breeze, still reinforcing drier air that's here right now and starting to continue to spill in. when that wind switches to the west, to the south here on monday. there's where the you a actual humidity is back again along with heat. upper 80s to near 90. ap isolated storm chance possible late monday over into tuesday. another approaching front. pront that kind of dies out over the region as we saw early this morning.
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that's the best chance of scattered thunderstorms coming back for everyone. heavier thunderstorms, you might see once again 3/4 to an inch of rain. it's been lacking this year. we are somewhere under 5 inches of rain on the year and that's for reagan national. humidity returning here monday. slight chance isolated storm. best chance of scattered storms tuesday. lower to mid-90s and slight chance of an isolated storm. best chance of another storms coming again on friday. so good news is here as we've been so dry for so long. you know it has been awfully hot, too. no triple digits. no records. just a little bit of summertime heat and humidity and at least rain chances. >> thanks a lot. a couple of newlyweds will see their marital harmony put to the test one day after their wedding. a bride from spain walked down the aisle today to marry her dutch groom one day before
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spain and the netherlands face off in the final game of the 2010 world cup. they said their i do's at a little chapel in northern spain before the guests wore orange ties to represent the color of the netherlands national soccer team. you can bet those i do's will become i do hate you, don't touch me. >> what's the odds of that happening? unbelievable. bad news. >> first and foremost when you hear a story about this you worry about the player's health. the redskins could be losing a valuable lineman. they set their sights on the derek fisher. then came a giant collapse. more on the melt down when 9 sports now returns. ♪
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pitching problems, he gets them on the mound. >> tyler clipper got it right. give this man a prize. national's fee no, ma'am none stephen strasbourg will pitch the first game of the all-
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stars. he will keep his regular spot in the rotation until he reaches his limit of 160 innings for the season. that does it for the stephen strasbourg report. now to the rest of the team and the news not good for jim rig he will man and the game -- rigelman and the gang. justin maxwell called up today. he scores 1-0. second inning, 3- 2 giants. not anymore. mike morris, he's a big man. he's got power. a solo shot. we're tied up at 3. nats up by one. he imloads allowing four runs in one-third of an inning. two runners on. he doesn't get the job done either. a two-run double by juan. that made it 8-3. the giants tack on two more. giving up seven runs in the final four innings. >> we had an offensive night,
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it looks like. you score five runs. but there was some more out there that we didn't get. it came back to bite us. >> orioles taking on the rangers. cliff lee making his rangers debut. not a good one. he gave up three homers including this one, the story was chris tillman. he had a no-hitter through six and a third. tillman allowed one run, unearned and orioles win 6-1. cardinal match redskins guard mark williams is going through right now. the washington post is reporting that williams is expected to miss the upcoming season because of blood clots near his heart. the redskins aren't commenting on the story. according to the report, williams has been in the hospital recently because of the problem. he's out now, but the team is concerned that williams' condition could be career- threatening before the redskins
11:29 pm
signed him last season, his last play in the nfl in 2005, he lost a lot of weight going from 410 to 330 pounds and he made the successful transition from tackle to guard. the 30-year-old williams was expected to compete with hicks for the starting right guard job. we're only 19 days away from the start of training camp. the first practice is july 29th at 4:00. it is open to the public. fan appreciation day is august 7th and the first preseason game august 13th against the bills. cavaliers fans can't stand lebron james and there's a chance those who root for the lakers could also despise the chosen one. free agent guard derek fisher, a met with the heat today bringing fisher at the airport was lebron. the heat are trying to add fisher to their new stable of stars. speaking of cleveland they're trying to get rid of everything related to james. this one will take a few days. workers are beginning to remove that ten story tall lebron mural that's located in
11:30 pm
downtown cleveland. the billboard has changed its image with the phrase we are all witnesses. nike actually put up the mural, so they're the ones taking it down. a company spokesman said nike isn't sure what they'll do with the sign. james and the cavalier jersey won't go over too well in miami. spain and netherlands will play for the world cup tomorrow. either way history will be made. 82nd minute off the corner kick of the two teams for third place. that would be the game winner. germany wins 3-2. the spring cup drivers racing in chicago tonight. we pick it up on lap 137. jimmy johnson running in third place. he starts to spin, but watch johnson get the car under control. that is a great piece of driving. later, bill elliott wiping out rodney gordon, goes bang, right into elliott. that's not a good piece of driving. more on the story, if your
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car is high up against a wall, you want to go down to the apron. >> you got a problem lebron leaving cleveland? >> i got a major problem. do it on your own. if you're going to leave, go to new york. if you're going to leave, don't sit there and share it with two other superstars. magic didn't do it. byrd didn't do it. >> i didn't like the way he made it all about himself. >> thanks a lot. good night. [ kid 1 ] wanna know some of our favorite things?
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